How Content Earns Reputation, Trust and New Customers

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When we need to spend money on products or services we are all looking for people and businesses we can trust. Trust is a valuable commodity for every business. But where does it come from? 

The internet offers opportunities for every ambitious business to compete on equal terms with bigger, more established competitors who have much larger budgets.

Once you learn how to publish information and advice that answers real needs and issues faced by the customers you want to attract, you’ve learned the most fundamental secret of building your business through reputation, trust and authority.

In some ways this is what you’ve always done. It’s just that the internet and social networks allow you to do it on an unprecedented scale at very low cost.

Welcome to the world of content marketing.

How to be successful

Building your business through content and trust is not a simple quick fix. It takes time, effort and process. But it works. And as the quality and relevance of the content published by your business has more and more impact on your ability to show up in searches, content is something no business can afford to take lightly.

The keys to success are these:

  • Having a crystal clear understanding of who your target customers are and the content that they need.
  • The ability to produce top-quality content in a variety of formats that your customers wouldn’t want to be without.
  • An understanding of how to promote your content through social networks and influencers.
  • A clear plan specifying who’s doing what and when things need to happen.
  • Robust processes for reviewing what works and refining your approach.

How do I get there?

Option 1: read some of the thousands of content marketing articles and guides published on the internet, start publishing and learn from your mistakes.

Option 2: book yourself on a Content Masterclass and be guided through the planning process by two experienced and successful content marketers. Get essential help with identifying the needs of your audience, creating excellent content and designing a content plan that you can actually deliver.

The cost of option 2 is clear (£395). The cost of option 1 is open-ended. You choose.


We will be arranging further masterclasses in Exeter in early 2015. Register for our updates using the box on the right to make sure you are among the first to know when content marketing training dates are confirmed.

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