Not Just Another Marketing Seminar

How often do you attended a seminar, hear lots of useful things and come away no nearer being able to implement any of them?

The Content Masterclass is different!

A content marketing masterclass will give you all you need to get started with productive content marketing. This is a one day “roll-up-your-sleeves” crash course.

Content marketing training exeter

Putting content strategy into practice

We’re not offering you the opportunity to find out about content marketing, instead we show you how to do it and get you started on your own content marketing journey.

Group sizes are limited so that we have time to focus on the specific issues that affect your business and give you the individual attention you need.

It costs just £395 for a one day high intensity practical workshop including lunch. 

Our prices are highly competitive. We offer 25% better value than our counterparts in the South East (CIM, IDM, eMarketeers). Our Masterclass is limited to 8 delegates and you get two experienced practitioners for the day plus a personalised one-on-one follow-up. We actively encourage you to compare our prices with similar one-day immersive content marketing courses elsewhere.

We know the difficulty marketing teams are having creating the marketing content their organisations need to help them attract and convert new customers to the business.

The Masterclass is built around an actionable 6 step framework and is all about learning and implementing 6 core tried, tested and trusted disciplines that help to create truly effective content that drives business growth.

We’ve put together this hard working practical workshop and produced a workbook for you to personalise. Using our workbook you will learn how to:

  • Create profiles of your ideal customer
  • Understand the content needs of your customers at each stage of their buying journey
  • Identify the triggers, themes, topics and keywords that will attract and convert customers
  • Begin planning a content strategy that meets the business needs of your organisation
  • Develop a total content marketing strategy for the company website & other properties
  • Develop an editorial calendar to produce high volumes of good quality content-rich stories for the business

You’ll leave the day brimming with ideas, plans and takeaways that you will want to implement at work the very next day – and for a long time to come.


We will shortly be confirming content marketing masterclass dates in Exeter for the Autumn. Register using the box on the right and we’ll send you advanced notice of the dates.